Exec Practice

These are the current executive members. Say hi if you see us around campus! We’re always interested in new faces and new ideas.

Steven McGee


Favourite Kin courses
207: The concepts are really interesting and got me to look at movement from a totally different perspective.
241: It’s the most practical course I’ve taken and led to an opportunity to work with the lacrosse team.

Sidney Morrison


Favourite Kin courses
305/306: I love physiology and these basically cover all the interesting bits.
402: I like physics and math and was honestly a little sad when I finished lower div. I liked having little math problems to work on again.
444: Victoria is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and is really passionate about the heart and ECG. It’s great when a physiology class is so applied.

Jason Li


Favourite Kin courses
241: I really liked the practicality of the subject and it led to a variety opportunities where I could apply the knowledge. I liked the style as well; it made me feel like a real doctor – learning signs and symptoms as well as diagnoses.
340: The material was really fluffy, but this course is eye-opening. Also, I liked Stephen Brown’s teaching style. It made a 3 hour class fly by quickly!

Megan Bruschetta


Favourite Kin courses
Kin 142: It was the first Kin class I took and it confirmed that I had chosen the perfect program for me!
Kin 241: This is the most useful class I have taken so far. The material is so valuable as the diagnoses and treatments you learn can be used in your daily life.
Kin 205: I absolutely love physiology after taking this class. I think it’s amazing how the body has evolved such intricate systems that all work together so well.


SFSS Forum Representative

Favourite Kin courses

Lucy Morrison

External Relations Officer

Favourite Kin courses
I’m forgetful and never email these to Brent!

Shaila Gunn

Promotional Coordinator

Favourite Kin courses
207, 241: They’re the first courses I’ve ever taken that I feel have information I’ll take out of the course and use in life. I feel like I’m learning to learn, not just memorize and get it over with. Doesn’t hurt that Dan and Hedges are awesome.

Joyce Ching

External Relations Officer, Departmental Committees Representative

Favourite Kin courses
KIN 205: As an introductory human physiology course, this course is the first time in your degree that you are exposed to all the subtleties of the physiological systems. And it’s mind-blowing and super cool.
KIN 241: This is definitely the most hands-on course I’ve taken so far in my undergrad. Everything you learn in 241 is directly applicable to real life and that’s what makes it so fantastic. Not to mention you get to play with athletic tape and learn to tape injuries like a champ! Who doesn’t want to do that?

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