Occasionally, we sell things. Awesome things. We try to keep things affordable for university students. After all, we’re university students too. We get it. We each dropped twenty bucks on one of those tee shirts just like you guys. However, we also try to make enough on each item that we can afford to subsidize other events. The Kin Cup, for example, costs money to rent the gym, book equipment, pay for snacks, etc. The Year End Party had a food bill of around $25/person, but we set tickets at $15. We’re able to do this with your financial support.

The majority of our items are clothing, but if there’s demand for a particular BPK-branded product and it’s feasible for us to obtain it, we’re definitely interested in delivering what you want, as students.

Got a particular product in mind you’d love to have? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!

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