Executive Members

These are the current executive members. Say hi if you see us around campus! We’re always interested in new faces and new ideas.


g crystal

Crystal Lefebvre – President

I am studying biomedical physiology and my favourite class so far has been BPK 142. I joined the BPKSA last fall and am so happy I did because the community here is awesome. I like to keep active and spend a lot of time outdoors. I go for runs on the field by residence or hit up the gym pretty much everyday. I head up to the mountains with the SFU Hiking Club every other weekend and the trail I like the most is Black Tusk. I also watch the major soccer, hockey, and freestyle football competitions.


Erina Cho – Vice President & Department Representative, Kinesiology

g erina

Hellooo! I’m Erina, and a 5th year Kinesiology Major. I have been involved in the BPKSA since my 2nd year, and it was hands-down one of the best decisions I made in university. I love the fact that I was able to make so many friends as well as get to know the staff and faculty of BPK so much better. I decided to pursue a degree in Kinesiology because I was actively involved in athletics, and was also very interested in health. The last few years, I have done a number of research placements, first in a prosthetics clinic in Vancouver, then a biomedical engineering lab at SFU. Now, I am doing my Honour’s with the Neuromuscular Mechanics Lab under Dr. James Wakeling’s supervision. I have particularly developed a passion for understanding the different aspects of the human mind and body on it’s effect on mobility and quality of life, as well as exploring the best ways to help improve these areas. As graduation is approaching for me, I am considering building a career that includes a blend of a holistic healthcare approach, some hands-on/technical aspects, working with people directly, and research opportunities! Sounds like a big wish-list, I know.

In my spare time I enjoy running, (though I recently finished my eligibility from the SFU Women’s Track/ Cross-country team), and refereeing soccer (if you play in any of the local leagues, I may have refereed for you before!). A new hobby of mine is rock-climbing — so let me know if you are planning on hitting up some crags anytime soon!


g jaskarn Jaskarn Grewal – Treasurer

I started studying Kinesiology in my second year mainly because of my interest in how exercise affects our bodies. I enjoyed all of the courses I took so far, but my favourite was definitely BPK 143 as it had the most engaging material that I actually wanted to learn. Also, it was fun to learn how to make exercise plans for myself and others. My only regret is taking the online version, which meant I never got to meet Tony. Fortunately, I will be able to take BPK 343 eventually which should be just as fun. I am a pretty active person and I usually either bike or practice karate in my free time.


Emily Chinn – Secretary g echinn

I’m a fourth year student majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. I chose BPK because of my interest in health and human physiology. My favourite BPK course is 241. I loved learning about injuries and how to tape! In labs you practice assessing injuries discussed in lecture, which highlights the relevance of the course material and its applicability to real life. After I graduate, I’d like to pursue a career in physiotherapy to help people stay active for as long as possible. I used to dance, I’ve recently taken up yoga, and I’m trying to learn to like running but it’s not going very well.  In terms of involvement, I am the Director of the BPK Peer Mentorship Program and I volunteer off campus at several different places whenever I can!


Ningning Cheung – SFSS Forum Representative

g nn

I’m a fourth year student majoring in Biomedical Physiology. The human body is really fascinating to me –how all the systems of the body works together to allow us to function the way we do in everyday life! My favorite first year class was BPK 142 because the lab let us have a hands-on experience with the things we talked about in class. I recently joined BPKSA and I wish I could have joined way back in first year because I was able to meet so many new friends and get updated with all the fun things that are happening at school!

Emily Boyco – External Relations Officerg emily

Hi!  I’m currently a 2nd year student here at SFU and am the External Relations Officer for the BPKSA. In my free time, I love to run, hike and do physical activity through other choice hobbies of mine including martial arts, yoga, and working out. I also really enjoy involving myself in my community through volunteering both in and outside of school. My favourite BPK course I’ve taken so far is BPK 110. This course gave me a great introduction to the versatility of BPK and all the facets it can include, one of them being nutrition. I found learning about nutrition and how the food we eat affects and fuels our bodies was a super interesting way to start off my major in Kinesiology. Since I became involved with the BPKSA very early on in my first year at SFU, I urge anyone considering getting involved to go ahead and do so by coming to hang out with us at our meetings!  Hope to see you around!

Brandon Lin – Promotional Coordinator

g brandon

Hey everyone! I’m a second year student and I plan on majoring in Kinesiology. I got started with the BPKSA as soon as I began classes at SFU in my first year. BPKSA gave me an opportunity to connect my high school experience in event planning and public speaking with the career in Kinesiology that I plan on pursuing. Outside of school my biggest time commitments and hobbies include playing ice hockey, photography, working out and continuing my endless pursuit of finding the world’s most perfect study cafe.

As promotional coordinator, I am most active on the BPKSA social media pages as well as during club days/weeks, looking to expand the existing network at BPKSA. Don’t be afraid to say hi to me on campus!


Katie Smolikg katie

Hey! I’m a 3rd year Kinesiology major in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration. When I came to SFU I didn’t know about BPK, but after taking my first class (BPK 143!) I knew it would be my major. I’ve always been heavily involved in sports and enjoy living an active lifestyle (plus I think human anatomy and physiology are the coolest things around) so Kinesiology was the perfect fit. Once I figured that out I joined the BPKSA and built up the courage to attend my first meeting, and I’m so glad I did. The BPKSA has allowed me to branch out and meet so many new people and I love that I get to be involved in the BPK community. If I’m not studying, which is probably far too often, you will most likely find me in the gym or on top of a mountain. A few of my hobbies include hiking, kayaking, camping, running and weightlifting. I also love soccer and I play competitively and coach in the community. I’m always up for new adventures and new friends so say hi if you see me around campus!


Leo Lig ralph polo

I am a 4th year student studying Kinesiology with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. BPKSA has been a wonderful experience. And being a part of it has allowed me to be more involved in the BPK community. As a relatively active person myself, I take enjoyment in playing many sports. I love to run and I grew up playing hockey and tennis. I have recently developed an interest for baseball. I also enjoy following and watching many other sports and sports figures. I have always been fascinated and curious about different injuries that can occur to athletes. My favourite BPK course so far is BPK 241. This course has expanded my knowledge on sport injuries and put what I learned to practical use, such as learning how to apply different tape jobs. My goal is to become an athletic trainer, so I can travel with a sports team, whilst helping athletes return to their passion of sport.


Natalie Yeung

Hey! I’m Natalie, a Kinesiology major just entering my second year. Selecting BPK was a natural fit for me, as I’m a lover of sports and exercise. What really inspired me was when I injured my knee in a rugby accident. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to help others overcome their injuries and assist in their rehabilitation. I’m striving towards a career in physiotherapy, and I hope to pursue my interest in working with athletes as well. Throughout my childhood I have done a variety of sports, including swimming and skiing. Volleyball and basketball are some of the ones I still enjoy playing during my free time. I also participate in the 10K Vancouver Sun Run annually! In the past year, I’ve volunteered with SFU Science Alive summer camps, attended SFU UNICEF events, and have been a member of the SFU Kin Games team. I often exercise at the SFU gym too, so don’t be afraid to say hi if you spot me! Apart from school, I work at a physiotherapy clinic and it’s definitely a great experience interacting with patients and responding to their needs. I also am a BPK Peer Mentor.

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